Adam Blanning MD is a native of Denver. He attended the University of Colorado, both as an undergraduate studying English literature and for his medical degree. He completed a residency in family medicine, and then went on to teach family medicine at New York Medical College and the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In 2003 he founded the Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies. Dr. Blanning also works as an educational and developmental consultant for area Waldorf schools. He lectures regularly about anthroposophic medicine and child development and has been a guest speaker for conferences in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland. He is currently serving as president of the Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America (AAMTA), sits on the board of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM), and directs PAAM’s training courses for doctors. He is a founding member and core faculty for the Nurturing the Roots course in Waldorf early childhood therapeutic education, and teaches and directs the two-year PAAM curriculum in school doctoring. He likes to grow things in his backyard and spend time with his family when he is not doctoring.