Working Lunch Forum

Nourishment and Inspiration...

This year we are offering a working lunch forum. This is an optional time during our lunch break for further conversation and enrichment during our meal. There are four options, if you want to participate:

Option 1:
Time to Play: Video Presentation
Moderated by Kim  Hunter
In 2014 Kim released her film, Time to Play, made with the intent to address concerns she has about the ways in which our culture is meeting children in modern times, with the lofty goal of creating cultural change in this realm.  In May of 2016 Kim received the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education and she has spent the last two years on-tour presenting her film and giving talks in colleges, universities, conferences, film festivals and to groups of parents/grandparents and caregivers. The film will run for 45 minutes with time for questions afterwards.

The following options will be conversations during lunch on topics relevant to our work with young children:

Option 2:
Birth to Three Providers: Care of the Young Child

Option 3:
Working with the Profoundly Interesting Child

Option 4:
Practical Work of the Outdoor Educator